Forget about a rate cut !

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  1. 08:30 PPI m/m +1.3% vs +0.5% consensus

    08:30 Core PPI m/m +0.4% vs +0.2% consensus

    that's one HOT number
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    and we still did not see CPI....

    buy tight jeans - 70s are back - just watch how everybody jumps on stagflation bandwagon :cool:
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  4. so ..FED has to fight slowdown and possible recession w/ rate cuts ..

    But can't cut with inflationary numbers and risk of a dollar death spiral ...

    what's the fed to do ??? LOL

    blame it on Mr. Alan 1% Greenspan !!
  5. Oh stop it with the "It's Greenie's fault!" mantra.
  6. With the market realising there is no market saving rate cute the selloff we had is only the beginning of a real old fashioned 15% correction.

    We must welcome this correction because now (if we only had listened to the wiser heads instead of chasing dogs like NFLD and RACK) we can now buy stocks cheaper.

    I hope you all had a few 'puts' to protect your positions as you went along......err

    WHAT YOU DIDN"T???????????

    Oh my!

    Dow futures down 32
    Nasdasq futures down 5
    S&P futures down

    down down down down DOWN!!!!
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    Gonna have to wait until after tomorrow probably. Too much propping up going on.
  8. Traders and investors should be much more worried about the Fed inflating us into financial oblivion than cutting a quarter any time soon.... :mad:
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    anyone who is expecting a rate cut is dreaming in fantasy land because its not happening, these bulls are looking for another catalyst to drive these markets higher, that is the only thing they have right now is a pathetic rate cut. If anything they will be raising rates before cutting them. With those type of PPI #'s im surprised they dont raise rates to an even 6%.
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