ForexServicesCanada : Anybody heard and traded with them ???

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by ForexZAR, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. ForexZAR


    I am interested in learning whether anybody here is currently trading (or has traded) with ForexServicesCanada (FSC) and what have been your experiences with them ?

    I discovered this broker by accident from a post on another Forum and have been operating demo accounts with them since 3 August 2006 but am having a lot of difficulty getting further info from independant sources. These guys appear to be totally unknown to the forex trading community. However, results achieved from the demo accounts to date have proven very encouraging and their platform has some very user friendly features.

    Any info will be appreciated.
  2. Nice looking platform with functionality (you can manage multtiple accounts there). Wow... 500:1 leverage

    Minimum deposit to open an account with us: $2000 US

    There is a one time application fee of $75 that needs to be sent together with the initial deposit. Additional deposit fee: $30 per deposit.
  3. Man, what sort of outfit is that. They dont even provide an office adress, not even a po-box, it cant be found on their application forms either..
  4. Cybren


    2 pips on all majors and if you want to risk your money this seems like a good broker to donate your money to..............

    2 pips on for example gbp/jpy can not be for real!
  5. this could happens and he well find slippage with 3-5 pips per side

    ADVICE: don't trust brokers use this platform