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  2. Had a look at the advanced video clips. Good luck if you try trading on anticipation like that in Fx. The reasoning is very amateurish.
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    go away TraderZones. like to hear from others.
  4. When I looked at it a few years ago it appeared to be basic TA educations you could get from John Murphy/ Edwards and Magee. If you really want to do forex and are looking for education I would consider top gun/leverage fx. Chris can be obnoxious, he is much better now, but he actually has some unique tools. He pumps them a bit too much though. They are based off of his VWAP proxy.
  5. Another snake oil seller, he was punting his stuff on the forums a while back and got unceremoniously ripped a new one......
  6. I doubt there's anything which isn't available for free on the net, or anything which is going to make someone consistently profitable. It's probably just more regurgitated fluff and well-worn trading mantra packaged as a training course.

    What bugs me about these sellers is they know only too well that less than 10% of their subscribers will make a cent, most will lose.

    Bottom line, if you're going to buy then buy something which they offer a 30 day refund on! Who knows, maybe you'll learn something and it will click....but don't hold your breath!
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    someone private messaged me that spent too large portion of the CDs teaching MACD divergence and pivot levels M1/M2/M3/M4 ..... similar to your comment. i was looking to buy some CDs on discount but i'm not new to trading.

    thanks, i never had LeverageFX in radar before ..... checking.
  8. Sure.Like I said their software is pretty good, but Chris does troll as cable mentioned under the name Amytrade and he can be crass. Also he advocates scalping forex, good luck with that, and gets a kickbacks from recommended brokers as an IB.
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    any recommendation of "free" websites that you can pm me? these couple holiday weeks are excellent for me to pick up education on forex. i am looking to trade the majors in 4hrs, 60mins, 15mins, 5mins timeframes intraday style.
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