ForexKiller will Kill you!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by celdred, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. celdred


    Scammers and cheats !! I paid good money to Andreas Kirchberger and his mob, only to receive software that CANNOT be used. I repeat, CANNOT be used.
    Because the Instruction pdf file sent with the software is empty.
    I have emailed twice the last 2 days, to the web site "Contact Us" address, and not one reply.
    Kirchberger is a thief, a slimeball.
  2. wtf?

    care to give more info.
  3. celdred


    Simply this - the pdf "Instructions", how to use the program - kind of important one would think, was empty, nothing in it.
    I emailed their website contact address for 2 days - not one reply.
    Customer Service? - down the drain.
    I will say no more in a derogatory manner, except that there is no way I can recommend them.
  4. celdred


    Thank you very much. You should be running FK's Public Relations Department. I sincerely appreciate your help and reply. Re.
  5. ScapGF


    Jesus, was it that necessary to freak out? Looks like it wasn't hard for someone else to find the info...
  6. nealvan


    Well if you pay for something you expect it to come complete.
  7. LOL out of curiousity I checked out the site. Freaking hilarious. That is pure garbage. LOLOLOLOL

    more like scam-in-a-box.
  8. ScapGF


    Sure, but you have to be an absolute moron to have bought anything from that website. On their main page the first testimonial starts off with, "WOW! I've bought alot of..."


    I didn't realize that was a word.

    In fact, the top of the website even says, "Now rated #1 opportunity online."

    I can't even take that site or this thread seriously. Think about it!

    To the original poster:

    Of COURSE this guy is a scammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #10     Dec 15, 2007