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Discussion in 'Forex' started by 4xEdge, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Hello to everyone...

    Was a very disappointing night yesterday... I missed a very good Short position...
    I should have shorted at 1.6180 (resistance level) for 20-40pips...

    So today my Resistance levels are 1.6430 and 1.6495. From either point i will go Short +/- 5pips and i expect take profit 20-40pips

    And my Support levels... 1.6200 (+/- 5pips) from there I will go long also for 20-40pip take profit

    Any other trades during this time i will post...

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    Okay... I entered another trade

    Long on GBP/USD

    Entry at 0.10 at 1.6354

    Reasons for entry: 3min Strong RSI support and Moving average direction, 1min Hit 50% Fibonacci small picture and 61% big picture

    Take profit : This may sound far fetched but I'm looking at 1.6465 but at any time i have confirmation i will close

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    Exit at 1.644
    Profits: +60 pips

    I had to close, system confirmation, even though it might still climb higer

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    New Trade:

    Entry: 1:33 at 1.6385
    T/P: looking at 1.6460 Or system confirmation for close

    Same setup as previously

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    Unfortunately i didn't close at that resistance level, so i closed on balance..

    Not too bad of a day... about 100 pips

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    Hello to everyone...

    Today levels I will enter on:

    Support (going long)

    Resistance (going short)

    All levels +/- 5 pips depending on how the market is moving...
    I already entered on short at Resistance 1.6420
    And all trades on these levels: take profit is approximately 20-40 pips

    I will also post any other trades as my system confirms...

  7. so when do we hear the sales pitch.............?
  8. 4xEdge


    Haha sounds like it dosent it... No I trade managed accounts, I thought id post some trades and different levels i look at during the day...

    Besides my system is all manual trading, I wish i had something like Fab Turbo, then i could sleep all night...

  9. what kind of chart setup do you use.
    Without atleast some details, just reading trades is boring.
  10. Fap turbo- I see u tried to sly the sales pitch in ur post there OP. Fap turbo is the biggest scam piece of shit!
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