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  1. As a trader in the Forex market, I have done numerous amounts of research to search for the best broker that best suits me. While I was ongoing with my research for brokers, I came across a few interesting yet ridiculous forex broker review websites such as, and

    They are making absurd reviews about any brokers and I will explain my reasons to avoid such review websites like the 2 that I mentioned above.

    1. Similar Broker adv

    These two broker review websites tend to write bad review about minor brokers saying that they are a scam. On the other had, they have same brokers that they are recommending at all time such as XM, fp market, and easymarket. They do advertise for the same broker on both websites, adding different major brokers so that they do not look suspicious.

    upload_2019-3-5_11-34-56.png upload_2019-3-5_11-35-3.png

    2. Star rating of brokers

    I have checked all brokers that I know listed on this website, and I have found some interesting patterns. They exclusively rate 5 stars for all major famous brokers even though there are also many bad reviews about them on other review websites and around the internet. This means that the admin has control of the rating system of the website, not rated by the users of those brokers like us. Additionally, they are rating only 1 or 2 stars for all minor, non-famous brokers, so that their sponsored brokers such as fpmarket and easymarket can be placed higher in the rating system. It is quite funny that their website is only full of polarized rating.

    The main purpose for traders to search the broker review website is to see the honest reviews rated by other users, but this website provides fake information with lack of knowledge. What’s the use of this review website if that is the case?

    3. Similar recent reviews

    I was reading their recently written broker reviews and I have found that they are repeating the same reviews of same broker. If these websites are actually unrelated, how can there be 7 out of 10 similar broker reviews written together recently?

    4. Reviews of these websites

    I have searched the reviews of these websites and found out many people are actually thinking this website as a scam.


    You can check these reviews on the link below. There are much more if you search forexbrokerz review on google.




    I have seen many reviews with a comment from the forexbrokerz manager. I guess he is concerned with this situation, so he is writing comment for clarification of his jobs which I guess is also FAKE.

    5. No reply of E-mail

    I have been using a certain broker for few years and I am very satisfied with this broker (not going to mention it here) but this scam review website wrote a bad review and wrong information about them. So, I sent an email asking to fix the incorrect information listed on in the review. They still have not replied back to me and it has been over 4 months. I also sent an email saying that I want to post an advertisement on the website and yes, they have not replied to this email too. I tried many ways to contact them, but they never reply. Why? Because it’s a website operated by those sponsored brokers, and they don’t need any adv to be posted on their website.

    In conclusion, forexbrokerz and theforexreview is SCAM. Do not trust them, and don’t enter this website no matter what. They are only posting bad reviews about other minor brokers so that they will get more clients. The brokers they are sponsoring does not even have any good trading conditions. They chose to do this nasty solution because they know that their trading conditions are not very competitive among other minor brokers, providing amazing spread and promotions.
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    You will quite often find that many of Spot FX sites and CFDs, are affiliate sites of certain brokers.
    You can find reputable NFA, FCA and ASIC regulated brokers depending in the region of regulation.
    But, you have to do your own research and ask thee right questions.
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    The domain name is Red Flag in itself
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    Thanks For information..
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    another thing you might have noticed, the star rating, there is no option for it, yet some reviws have star rating. how?
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    What can you say about NS Forex Broker?
    I'm newbie and now I'm searching about reviews, but not paid comments. I want to hear personal experience. I lost a lot of time to choose this company and I won't lose my money.
    If someone worked with them, please feel free to contact me in private message.

    Thank you :))
  8. It's a new broker, regulation is looking good on their website. But personally not suggesting the broker you.