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    anybody here ever traded, or currently trades the Forex Market???
  2. Yes... In fact, it is the only market I have been trading for the past 10 years.
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    pros, cons, what hours do you typically trade???
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    10Q im going to check it out...
  6. I trade around the clock. I have the trading platform up 24/5 at home or at the office. At the office, the trading platform is on a second computer on my desk so I can keep an eye on the market. At home, I like to be at the desk for about an hour or 2 when a regional market opens or closes. Other than that, I check on the market every hour or so. When major economic data comes out, I am usually at the desk too.

    I find the currency market a lot easier to trade because there are only a handful of major currencies. By observing the market regularly, I get a general feeling where the market might go. My trading style is strictly discretionary.