Forex: why demo trade when you can micro-acct trade?

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  1. Forex: why demo trade when you can micro-acct trade?good question...why would anyone demo forex trade when you can forex micro-account trade?...the BIG difference in real trading vs.. demo trading is trading with real $$$$ cash!..

    so, use smaller amounts through a micro-account and get a more realistic experience...I am not a huge fan of "demo trading"...there is nothing like trading with real "hard earned" cash...

    ..."your hands never sweat when trading a demo account"...
  2. Either path can lead you to being a "driving range Arnold Palmer".

    Micro-lots are real money, but it's still nickle slots/penny ante.
  3. then your suggestion is...
  4. Nothing. I'm trading forex micro-lots myself. :cool:

    Micro-trading *is* probably better than paper trading since you're at least getting a tasty cookie for your winners and some pain for losers Plus you don't have the option to reset your account.

    Sooner or later, you've gotta decide you have a system with an edge and pony up some real money. Otherwise it's just an entertaining arcade.
  5. now that is a great answer...right on!...what currency pairs do you like to trade and focus on?
  6. EUR/USD exclusively.
  7. your reason being?...just wondering, I always find this interesting as to why people select a certain currency to focus on...
  8. It has the tightest bid/ask spread and it's the one I watch constantly. I won't say I'm "familiar" with this pair per se, but I'm most familiar with it among the other pairs.

    I've found I can do best by focusing on one vehicle instead of jumping around.
  9. that is the best trading advice one could give and heed...I.E...become a "master" specialist in one currency or stock or future, commodity trading to you!
  10. Yeah, now all I have to do is start making money consistently LOL.
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