Forex vs Currency Futures

Discussion in 'Forex' started by dsobotka123, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Is there anybody out there who has been real successful in forex for a good ammount of time? I have addended 7 day courses, read books, articles, you name it, I think I have tried it. I have heard of a lot of people being very successfull at currency futures, but I have never met one person who has made a good living from forex. I have a realative who made 90k her first year trading the Fx market, but then lost it all the second year. I have been trading for almost 2 years, and i get up 2k then down 2k, and the cycle continues. I have traded options during the same time frame, and have been wildly successful at options. Maybe Forex is not my cup of tea? I would appreciate hearing from some successful Fx traders and learning a bit.
  2. This subject has been discussed in these forums ad naseum. Do a search and you'll find like 100 or so topics on it.
  3. I think the FX market attracts way more people than the currency futures market does. Heck, you can open an FX account for $100 at 400:1. And that means way more people who are really just looking to dabble, gamble and see if they can make a fast buck.

    As far as trading, there should be no difference.
  4. Then it's best to stick to options. Options provide more punch than currencies and you can stay in the game longer if your option position moves against you.

    My guess is that your losing forex positions moved in your direction AFTER your stop got hit, this is very common with forex.