Forex Volume Now at $2.47 Trillion

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    Last week, semi annual Forex trading volume data was published by the UK, US, Canada, Japan and Singapore. Here are the details the growth of FX trading and where the most volume is being dealt (on the interbank level):

    Looks like daily volume is at $2.47 trillion!

    Currency Trading Volume or Turnover per Day

    1) UK: $1.33 trillion in April, up 21% from last year

    2) US: $618 billion in April, up 6.6% from last year

    3) Japan: $240.3 billion in April, up 19.2% from last year

    4) Singapore: $233 billion in April, up 40% since October

    5) Canada: $55.5 billion in April, up 5.5% from last year

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    Are you the same Kathy Lien from FXCM? If so, welcome to ET.

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    have any numbers for what is coming out of Australia?
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    Hong Kong and Frankfurt should be above Canada.