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  1. Hello all FX traders,

    i have questions for US Session traders:
    How you prepare for US session?
    (any specific levels,routines etc.)

    Please share with other traders...

  2. all sessions same bs

    looking setups ,look important news coming ,waiting pa

  3. bstay


    the New York session appears to reverse prior Europe/London trends and set up nice reversal trades.
    you can refer to your charts on these trades, the time axis is in EST and the dates shown. the red marker for short entry, blue marker for long entry, white markers for exits connected by dotted lines.
  4. Hi

    yes that big reversal happened also because it was meeting about interest rate :)

    can i ask you,please do you have any MSN or SKYPE contacts?

    See ya!
  5. bstay


    what specific issues are you facing when trading New York session? i assumed you know how to check for major news releases at, and be aware of their impact whether you trade the news or not.

    what trading style are you working on? if you trade longer timeframes like 4hrs and Daily it would have a different set of considerations than if you trade 15mins and lower timeframes, where New York session is generally 8amEST to 11amEST to London bank close. the 4 pictures i showed above were entered AFTER 8:00amEST.

    if you watched this timing long enough, you will notice certain price behaviour and i suggest you take pictures and draw circles like i did below (even if i missed the trade), noting the specific time and then match the entries to your current trading method. unfortunately you have to do your own homework. everyone trades differently and sees the chart differently.
  6. I wash my face, meditate for 20 mins, eat breakfast, turn on some chill music, mark my charts, be aware of upcoming news events, then I try to get a feel for what price is doing.
  7. Hello

    thanks to all traders for sharing their trading experiences.

    i have question if anyone know for great course about news trading,because i want to learn how trade also the news so when the news was released market rocks in 20-50 pips range.

    so, and great news trading course?

  8. bstay


    check out Dustin Pass' Oracle Trader,
    check out Henry Liu's NewsProfiteer,
    you have to write these down as ET's moderator is quick to delete posts mentioning non-sponsors :)