Forex Transaction Tax

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  1. The prime minister is under pressure from a coalition of UK and international campaign groups to back a 0.005% micro-tax on the $1 quadrillion ($1,000 trillion) annual trade in foreign currencies.


    "A number of countries - including Germany, France and the US - have expressed an interest in a currency transaction tax but they are waiting for somebody to take the lead."
  2. Its so stupid. At a time when liquidity and confidence is of upmost importance they want to impede it by putting a tax on the activity that creates it.

    I am ready for the Mothership to come.
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    So by my math, that would add about $5 round turn to each forex trade (standard lot)?

    .005% x $100,000 = $5

    Do I have that right?
  5. Yes.
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    Here's an idea..........

    How about these government's cut spending. Regardless if you tax financial transactions, cigarettes, cell phones, Big Mac's, or fucking uping the cost of dog permits, regardless you have wealth redistribution happening.

    Taking money out of private citizens' hands and giving it to those greedy, incompetent, lying, corrupt politicians to piss away.
  7. I'd love to see this happen, I'd love to see them put tax on every transaction possible, stock trades, forex trades, even money transfers

    You deserve it.
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    Please explain your sentiment and position in further detail.
  9. No need to explain. He's a disgruntled fuck that got wiped out in the mkt and wants others to suffer.
  10. what piggie2000 stated is true
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