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  1. Hello Everyone

    I was recently referred to a man here in Toronto that has been a professional FX Trader for the last 3 years full time.

    I actually went over to his home and met his family and saw his workstation and saw his monthly PnL Statements.

    With a 20,000 FX account he has averaged $4000 per month for the last 3 years pretty consistently.

    He was referred to me by a personal friend that took his training 3 months ago and was thrilled with the results.

    I worked out a deal with him for training and I asked him if he would mind if I found a partner to share the cost with and he said he didn't mind at all, so long as I teach them separately from our time.

    What I am looking for is for someone to share the cost $2000 of the $6000 Training fee and I will teach you everything that he teaches me.

    His training is 2 nights a week for 2 hours for 4 weeks total.

    So 16 hrs.

    Once he teaches me I will get on the phone / computer and teach you everything that I learned during the session.

    If anyone is interested please pm me and let me know.
  2. pspr


    Why don't you just pay your friend $2000 to teach you what he was taught?
  3. So this guy makes more a month from training then he does in the FX markets...

    I'm not sure it would be possible for you to convey the information second hand at a level which the third party would find worth their money.

    It might be worth it if he could teach both of you at the same time but the passing on of information wont work well imo.
  4. ---------------------------

    The bait is cast. Now they wait. The 2 partners, that is.

    At a one-time $6k fee to earn $4k/month forever (3-yr. success track record + subliminal PnLs OK message + alliance of 2-losers-concept) the return approaches infinity at the speed of light.

    The suckers will be beating the door down. Heck, even the $20k starting capital can be put on a credit card or 2.

    And ET is the right place to shop for fresh meat - easy pickings.

    :) :)
  5. That would be unethical as the teacher did not give my friend the rights (as he did me) to do that.
  6. I don't think this would be a problem at all and I think it would actually work out better because the training would be immediately transferred.

  7. LOL

    Whatever !

    There are honest people in this world believe it or not.
  8. Here is a spreadsheet from my friends Demo Account since he has finished the training.
  9. The only professional FX shags worth listening to are ones that have been in the business for decades. I wouldn't spend a dime on someone who's been trading FX full-time for piddly 3 years. The guy's a jawk.
  10. I always like the *consistently* part in pitches like this. I doubt many traders are that consistent . . . I could be wrong, I bet most traders, even the profitable ones, have down months, and one or two big months a year to compensate for the dry spells.
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