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  1. any body any experience or taking course from peter bran (forexmentor) and john levine (forexstrategictrading). I saw forexbasterds review peter bran got 4 star and john levine got 5 star. I want to take courese. If anybody give suggestion i wiil happy.
  2. I highly recommend JCL's forex trading group. It has a much higher rating than Peter on forexbastards and something that is missing from every other service integrity.

    For the price alone you cannot compare. Also check out the archives FXStreet to see the performance under JCL Capital.

    Out of curiosity why did you pick those two services to begin with??
  3. actually i went jcl forex for one month. i do not know it good or bad. But the price 50 dollar for me too much. i am new in the forex i did not know how to go ahead. i think there should be some e-book, some reading how to proceed. i think it is for experience people
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    It looks as though your not getting much help from this one so I'll donate my 2c.

    I once bought the Peter Bain course, last year in fact. Out of all of the material I've read on Forex his does not fair well. He talks all day long about the MACD. If you know how to use the MACD then as far as Mr. Bain is concerned your home and hosed. Even though I am not a fan of Peter Bain I must say that the people whom he hires to talk for him (i.e Seth Gregory, Vic Noble and Chris Lori) certainly know what they are on about and are worth a listen.

    To learn FOREX there are better places to start, especially if you are strapped for cash. Which reminds me, if your in this your situation then did you know that under capitalisation is one of the main reasons traders go bust!

    The best and cheapest way to start educating yourself is to read some good books. Some I recommend are from Kathy Lien, Grace Cheng, Ed Ponsi and some others. You should do a search on Amazon for some other good books.

    Make sure you read a book that talks on position sizing as Forex has some massive leverage which can also send you bust. Also you should make yourself aware of the "carry trade" and sign up with a broker that allows you to do it.

    Good luck with these few pointers.

  5. The group has made it MUCH easier for traders getting started and caught up to the group from video setup to sms/email alerts for new trade signals.