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Discussion in 'Forex' started by pvTrader, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. pvTrader


    Are there any Forex Brokerage trading platforms yhat have built-in trailing stop features? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night to manage your trades? :)
  2. Are there any Forex Brokerage trading platforms yhat have not built-in trailing stop features?

  3. Until now, I have browse many of them (small and large firms), and I didn't see trailing stop, only stop order. IMO, this is very surprising for a very speculative market and this feature should be standard for this kind of market.

    I suppose that some of them support it, but it seem that is not the rule.
  4. Do you think you can use the standard stop order functionality to place your desired trailing orders? :(
  5. rezo_s


    At the moment I know metatrader platform, futuring trailing stops, and this site claims to develope soft fitting fxcm platform and enabling the use of trailing stop using fxcm. Here's the site:
    Thats all I can help with. I dont know how any of these two work, as didnt try.
    Good Trading.
  6. pvTrader


    Thanks, I'll check it out.
    It's pretty weird that trailing stops aren't standard with major brokerages... Maybe it's too much of an edge! :p
  7. rezo_s


    I think its too much out of interest of brokerage firms...maybe, just a "wild" guess. ;)
  8. Edge-PL


    You should try beta version of GFT Deal Book FX2.There is a trailing stop on this platform.

  9. nalgrim


    GAIN Capital offers trailing stops in their platform as will GFT's new BETA. I have a standalone trailing stops-only program that just works with FXCM. I also have recently finished a full Automatic trading system program that works with FXCM and CMS (and will work with GAIN very soon) and it includes trailing stops. It's called PowerBot and you can use it for entries, entries and/or trailing stops. It's got a lot of indicators and features and it's fully customizable. Drop me a line at or check out what I have at