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Discussion in 'Forex' started by gurillaradio, May 17, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I asked this question in the stock section, but now I´m going to ask it in the Forex forum. Is it possible to make money in forex trading with a starting account of $1500? Is it reasonably possible to do this as an End of day trader, not a day trader?

  2. Dan:

    I usually only place trades at around 7am and again round 8pm. And for the past few years I've been making between 35 to 120% per year. And in general, I only make my trade decitions using technical analysis, and only trade pairs where you earn interest.

    So I would say yes.

    But with that size of an account, I would only try it with OANDA, and make sure you use proper money management, or you could blow the whole amount on your first trade.
  3. Sure it's possible but your "income" goals must be realistic in relation to your capital.