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    Does anyone here trade forex. It seems to be pretty hard to make money if you have a spread of 4 or 5 pips. This spread seems to be the norm for the online forex trading sites. Does anyone know the pip spread that the banks get?
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  2. pip rates

    has slightly delayed dealing quotes at their home page

    for example

    USD / EUR is 4 pips wide now ... at least they do not charge
    any commissions ... so that has to be factored into the P+L
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    in the online forex you don't pay commission you pay the spread. So a 4 Point sread in a currency where one Point represents for example $10 you pay $40 to get in and $40 to get out.
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  5. my hunch is that some of the online forex operations are bucket shops. Only a hunch. I agree with the above post. Why not futures?
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  7. can be thinner than the spot market

    and you have to take into account commissions

    that being said ... I have done both spot and futures

    USD / EUR ... but only dipped my toes into the waters of
    currency trading ... still concentrating my attention and
    accounts on equities and mini stock indices
  8. stick with a liquid contract. Never had a problem with liquidity in the DM, SF, Yen...Doubt you'll have a problem with the EC.

    These contracts have been around for decades (excepting the ec). This java-retail-forex is new. But hey, it may be great. I said it's just a hunch.
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    can you recommend a forex broker?
  10. the management of GAIN Capital

    at an investment Expo in NYC

    they seem to be honest chaps

    good website ...

    have not traded with them , but they would be

    my first choice if I were to start trading Spot FX again

    good luck
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