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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Shadow23, May 24, 2010.

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    I am new,

    Where i can trade Forex ( Currency) Remote as a prop trader?

    What do they normally offer?
  2. With a couple Gs in a retail account with 100:1 leverage you will have enough rope to hang yourself and you get 100% payout. I dont see what you are looking for.
    If you are looking at a salaried position where you risk the firm capital then the question is what YOU have to offer.
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    19 years of experience.

    I am told if i add 10K to an account, and within 3 to 6 months they will add firm capital.

    I am wanting to find more firm capital faster. Like if i add 10K they match with 90K or something.

    Can that be done..
  4. There are props here that will offer you at least 20x your contribution to trade in the FX ETF tickers, but none here are specifically FX-oriented. IOW, you can receive the equivalent of 20-30x leverage in FX-ETF, but it would be more cost-effective to simply trade CME FX futures with your capital.

    If you're looking to leverage 10k into 100k at 50x (500x, 5MM notional) in a directional-bet it's not going to happen within a prop-firm.
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    No. The only people that offer what you firm capital are bucket firms that are only interested in the spread kickbacks they get, and since that spread has narrowed considerably over the years, they need people to be high volume traders.

    The only legitimate currency prop firms are those like SocGen, NewEdge, Citi, Daiwa, GS, etc. The type of prop you seek does not really exist.
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    Thanks for your help guys.

    WHat would you recomend i do?
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    the site doesnt work??
  9. How much leverage do you need?


    How quickly would you like to go broke?
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    The website works on iexplorer.
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