Forex trading will fall to $1 Trillion per day

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    Now there are Made in Africa cars which are better than many Made in Asia cars. Now countries have the technologies to make machines thereby people will buy more and more locally made products, goods, machines etc..

    Tariff wars started by U.S President Donald Trump will make imported products, goods more expensive so exports and imports will fall to great extent.

    FOREX trading is all about exports and imports between 2 countries. More exports from a country makes the currency go high against other currencies.

    As exports and imports between countries fall, forex trading will come down to $1 Trillion per day.
  2. Groovy.
  3. IAS_LLC


    Nope. Some countries have resources, many don't. Not changing soon
  4. dakr


    What's the point of this thread?
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  5. That it is Groovy

  6. Overnight


    I agree with the statement that NOW countries have technology to make machines. Especially the "now" part, because yes, a short time ago, nobody made machines. Ever.
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    There is NO point to it. Maybe that is the point?
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    Is this piece of DD coming after being rejected by WSB crowd?
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    And what exactly was the writer basing the “1 Trillion” part on? Based on what?
  10. alfa8


    this Trump drama will end in 2020 when he is out of election.

    if he wins; Forex is f**ked :)
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