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  1. Has anybody used any of the forex trading signals such as

    If you have could you please comment on your experiences.

    Also could anyone recommend a service that they've been pleased with?


  2. Teamforex lost 240 pips in March.
  3. traderob


    I paid for a month at teamforex back in march 2003 - it was cheap at $110 but cost me a couple of thousand because I followed the calls.
  4. jtzikas


    Asked at Netpicks to give me a trade-by-trade report untill today. He said he hasn`t this report - only the infos on the website. So I gathered all the trades he has on the web for the last 2 1/2 years. My summary: his net profit was 0.5 points S&P or Emini/each trade. If you calculate 0.5 points (at least) for fees and slippage you come to 0000.00 Profit.
    So I canceled my test subscription after a few days.

    Still looking for good signals (Eminis or Forex)

  5. Try this one - you get a lot of daily signals FREE:
  6. I'm doing the trial with Netpicks for Forex trading right now and they're looking pretty good. They're up by about 600 pips for the month on the GBP alone. I have backtested their trades in Trade Station and they look to be accurate.

    Baruch have you found the signals on FXstreet to be pretty good? Have you made any money on them?


  7. Hi Kiasu,

    No, I use my own system (read my thread). But I read the daily fundamental comments from via FXstreet.
    P.S. 600 pips in GBP sounds very good.
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  9. Can you give us an update? I am in the U.S. Are there enough signals in the evening? I live on the west coast. Could I use Do you find that the key levels are out of synch with your platform quotes? I understand that quotes are not standardized with Forex and can differ from broker to broker. How does netpicks cope with this?

    Michael B.

  10. Hi I never traded their system while on the trial, but rather followed along and they appeared to be successful and the results that they posted look honest.

    However I didn't sign up for them because I found another signal provider at that I liked better. Also I couldn't do the 50+ pip stops with Netpicks.

    Forexforecasting is also a lot cheaper $30/month vs. $197 at Netpicks. The only thing is though you probably couldn't trade their recommendations without some sort of system on your own. They basically help get you on the right side of the market and give you some good specific targets, but you probably need to find your own entries at support or resistance yourself. Anyway it's only $15.00 for a trial so I'd recommend it.

    Netpicks was also good and is probably more of a complete system if you can stomach the large stops.


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