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  1. MkFx


    Hi All Forex Traders

    I have been trading the currency market for a little over 5 yeas now. (traded stocks for 4 years prior).
    I have been trading Forex from home full time and as much as I find it convenient, I am looking to get out of the house and work in a trading environment

    Please if anyone knows of any office where I can trade from with other traders, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a currency trading firm, any trading firm willing to rent out a desk space would be fine, as long as I could be among other traders. Please let me know.

    The other option would be – If any of you guys are interested we could rent and share an office in Manhattan, Queens or Long Island where we could set up a professional trading environment where we share our thoughts and ideas and help each other out. I have a lot of experience trading and would be willing to mentor the beginners as well (no charge)

    I believe that anyone taking trading seriously should be among other traders to reach their full potential and I am looking for a few people that think the same and want to form a small group, and share an office. OR again if any of you know of any firms out there or a group of traders I can join would be great.

    Thank you.

  2. pbw


    I sure wish you were in Toronto, as I would be quite interested in the same. However, if you are trading currencies, would it not be a problem sharing an office as many trade set ups happen late at night? Do you mind if I send you a pm to discuss some forex trading ideas with you--cheers.
  3. gwac



    How much exper in FX do you have and where abouts in Toronto are you. Centeral/west/north?????
  4. gwac


    This thread interests me. I am from Toronto. I have 20 years
    exp in trading FX. I have my cfa, cmt. I am looking at leaving where I am right now and setting up on my own to trade fx. I would rather do this with someone else. 2 heads are better than
    one at times. Anyone who has exp and would be interested let me know.
  5. pbw


    I am trading forex about a year now -- join us for a drink sometimes -- in Toronto. Some local traders try to get together for a drink about once a month or so---next hook up is Thurs Oct 25 --we network and just plain socialize. Good chance for you to meet other similar minded traders.
  6. gwac


    Cannot get to these on Thurs do to kids sports.

  7. Dave77


    I trade equities and currencies from home. I would be interested in setting up a trading office in Toronto. Let me know who would join me in such a venture.

  8. Surdo


    I noticed this thread started in NYC and moved to Toronto, I am always interested in sharing a space in Manhattan.
  9. gwac


    Dave what area of toronto are you in?

  10. Dave77


    I live in the Annex and I'd prefer an office downtown. How about you?
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