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  1. Having said that Forex is like playing Blackjack where we all can work together to pick out better card, I have an idea.
    Like I said before I have observed and predicted a few 100+ pips movement and it did run that way. It is just recently that I have quite accomplished my goal of understanding the market.
    Frankly I have lost lots of money in the futures market before I make the biggest gain: the true understand of the market based on my selected indicator. I have dilligently study just about all the major indicator like CCI, DMI, RSI, K%D% and have developed an automated system using Realtick feed based on CCI and DMI. It works for a while, but then still make bad trade, i think because it doesn't have a broad vision as my eye, a human flexible eye. The program quite limit in seeing a bigger picture.
    As of today, I have mastered something else: MACD and MA and bollinger and a secret ingredient that put these together. These 3 are the most simple (yet effective when work together )indicators that I have overlooked. It is so amazing that I feel I can gain back all my loss in the next 4 months in futures, and make will tons of money in Forex.
    I am not afraid to face defeat, for I know you can only be a good leader when you know the taste of failure and defeat. What make me keep going is the desire to gain the true knowledge of the market. That is the my true goal in the past 4 years.
    If it is in the futures market, I wouldn't even think about sharing any of knowledge or trade because we are competitors. But it is a different story in Forex. we are players vs. dealer.
    I want to ask for some volunteers to monitor my prediction in 4 weeks. I have developed an interface in FLash where you can see and hear my trades in real time along with comments via a website. Those who participate will benefit the following:
    1. Once successfuly having a proven records in 4 weeks. You will have free access to my trading service life time.
    2. I will train you my technique of analyze the market based on MACD, MAs and Bollinger and the secret ingredient. You will be surprise of what you have missed out on those indicators.
    Once having a proven records with the witness of those voluntary. I will have a paid service that does this: You ONLY pay if my advises win at least 100 pips that month. And you can send check and money order($50-100 or 10%) out of your winning at the end of the month, no credit card involved. And of course I will have 1 month trial with no credit card for those who want to see a proven record before joining the group. Profit wise, I believe in my ability to win an average of 200 pips a month consistently.
    I judge my ability before I say these words. I have no regret of saying it for I know there will be critics about my words. But like I believe, you never know until you try it.
  2. 100 pips a month? That's it? I can make that in a day. What else are you offering?
  3. Hi ForexTrades,
    It is true that you can make 100 pips in just one day like you said...But keep it consistency and not losing back that 100 pips is the long term. I would be happy with 100 pips a month with 5 lots trade...that is $5000/month... Of course in a good month you can win more than that, but that is the minimum I believe I can do per month.
  4. Yes, it's possible and I don't have very many losing days. That 100 pips comes mostly from scalping euro off of the 5 min chart. I don't use any indicators, just trade price action. With longer term trades I usually get a lot less pips than when daytrading, but I add to my winners big time and I might make just as much. The key is consistency. Even if you only start out making 10-20 pips per day, it's fine as long as you stay consistent and eventually you will become more experienced and comfortable with your trades and make much more.
  5. Forextrades,
    I would congratulate you on your level of confidence and your understanding of consistency, because only a confidence person can speak out loudly without afraid of people criticizing them. I myself have suffered many many bad trades, so that I can learn the good one and stick with it for the rest of my life. The core of my confidence is based on my knowledge of the market, not the winning trades. Winning trades only prove that my knowledge is getting better.
    Four years in the market(stock, futures, and now Forex) have taught me many lesson in both psychologically and technically. I am very interested in technical study because I found them to be the driving force of the market on daily basis. Price action is something I have begin to notice and study. For you Forextrades, if you have master the price action, and add little bit of technical study such as MACD, then you would be even better at feeling where the market is heading.
  6. tell me .... do we rally the EURO back to unchanged by either

    the london or ny open?

  7. Hi setarb,
    According to my setup, There is minor support at bollinger 50 chart 150 minutes. Upside tonite is to MA 12 chart 150(1.1910). If it get here and MACD still indicate weakness, it will be pushed down further to 1.1770 tomorrow.
    If it get to MA 12 chart 150 and MACD indicate strength, then it can go up to 1.1960.
    Daily chart still indicate downward motion until hit better support at 1.1760.
    As of your question of rally, I don't see any strong rally happen until MACD chart daily turn up or hit 1.1770. As of now, it can only be an up movement just to be push down to 1.1770.
    But one tihng about the market, you have to see how the indicator at the turning point to precisely tell where it heading, and that is exactly why I spend a lot of time monitoring the market to keep track of those turning point and its indicator at the moment.
  8. SethArb,
    It's very possible that 1.1830 will stop euro and there could be a runup back to 1.1940-50. However, if it doesn't hold, I'm on the side lines for now.
  9. there are so many good cases for a retest of the recent lows in the eur/usd.

    1. measure the move from the recent high of around 122 to the low of 117.56. if we take out the low we could see 113.50 in the next few weeks.

    2. US markets now pricing in 2 rate increases by August.

    3. Downtrend line on the eur/usd points to 116 in the next few days.

    4. any turnaround will depend on US cpi data on friday. a ket to the fed.
  10. I make over 10 times that in a day/night.
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