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  1. Second page.
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  2. Went short the USD against EUR, JPY, and GBP before the Durable Goods and Unemployment numbers came out.

    Locked in some profits and have some positions on that are improving from the other day (specifically the short USD/JPY position).

    Here is the open positions and I will put the closed ones on as well.
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  3. Here is the closed positions profits page. Obviously this performance probably might not be able to be maintained, so I am tightening up my risk strategy a little more, because I let the GBP positions go to -$800 before they turned around. When I'm watching the screen, I don't usually have stops on but I have now started trading the ES and YM online too, so I should start having those.
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  4. Still up. Made good on those short USD/JPY positions, still short 400,000 at 1.1403. I almost got of those at a loss when JPY was at 1.1450 this morn.

    Short USD/JPY
    Long USD/CHF
    Long EUR/USD
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  5. good work, the dollar bearish stint paid off... :)

    does... singer/wenger still clear at the CME?...
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  6. Yep, but just had a huge drawdown on GBP/JPY and now my account is at break/even, down from a $3k profit.

    Singer/Wenger still clears here, but they're known as SWM Trading now. Don't know too many traders who use them down here in the hog pit, there are probably a few over in the S&P or FX pits.
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  7. before n after..
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  8. Currently have no positions on. Got stopped out on 200k of USD/JPY (its all the way down to 111!).

    Account is down $1.5k since start, I'm having my son take me into the Euro FX pit tomorrow to see how he trades off the flow.
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  9. futuresRX

    How much volume does the euro fx pit trade a day? How much for the rest of the currency pits? I remember being down there about a year ago and I thought that they combined all the currency pits together due to most all contracts being traded on the screen? I could be wrong though.
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