Forex Trading & becoming a hedge fund manager

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  1. I remember seeing a while back a website saying you could fund a forex account for as little as 300 dollars and if you show profits for 6 months they might give you a job as a hedge fund manager. I thought about doing this but i dont remember what website that was....anyone familiar with this site?
  2. someone needs to run a spell checker on that site.

    can i use the "forex robot" listed on the home page to trade their money? seems like a no lose situation!

    LOL !

  3. where on that firms home page do they mention
    these words ?

    Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) National Futures Association (NFA) Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC )

    after the "refco" mess ... I would be careful ...

  4. the platform looks like refco's..........

    surfer:eek::eek: :eek:
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    FXCM had an offer on their site that after 6 months live trading they would consider having you trade institutional money with some degree of additional training. I know it's more involved than this. I believe they still have the program but it is not on their site anymore.
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    Hi SethArb

    I have no attitude to that site.
    I do not understand why my messages vanish.

  7. Thats no loose to you... surf!

    no lose