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Discussion in 'Forex' started by killATwill, May 19, 2005.

  1. The BID/ASK spread at 6:30 on the CAD/USD is outrageously bad right now on IDEAL PRO...1.2341/1.2776. AUD,

    I Called IB and they said the market is open, but the ticker on TWS says it's closed (it has a "C" next to the last price). Trades for the Cando actually go through, but I get the awful price. Other spreads are normal...AUD, EUR, GBP are just fine. Cando futures spreads are fine.

    Is today an anomaly for the IDEAL PRO exchange? If not, when does this CAD/USD market open/get liquid on IDEAL PRO?

  2. anyone trade cando through IDEAL PRO or? skalpz, u there?
  3. Haven't the foggiest, bro. Never heard of "cando," never heard of "Ideal Pro."

    I was just contemplating the old taoism saying, On an empty plate, servings appear larger.

    I'm pretty sure that applies to trading.

    I do know that, since March, USD/CAD has been a one-way bet... the one going away from me.

    One of my positions is almost 600-tics in the red.

    Swissy's worse. I'm over 700-pips down on that.

    Cable's my favorate. Over 950-points in the hole. :D

    Gottah love those empty plates.

  4. gadeezle. would have been a great trade so far were i able to get a good price on the cando.
  5. looks like oanda is the place to be for the cando at the 6-PM time slot.
  6. I think "cando" is what he's calling the Canadian Dollar. Though I have to admit to never hearing that term anywhere before. I've heard Loonie and CAD, but oh well - everyone has their own nicknames I suppose.

    As for the spread, also no idea what this guy is talking about. I trade Oanda. Worse I have ever seen was a 10 pip spread.

    And isn't it USD/CAD, not the other way around?
  7. yes ivan, USD/CAD. for some reason the spread got super illiquid. the MMs left the building. bid and ask size were 1/100 of normal size and, consequently, A/B spreads were almost 100 X larger than normal.