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  1. Can anyone share with me any Forex signal services that they are using or have used that are profitable? Were you able to get the results that they post on their web site or close to it? If you were not able to get the amount of pips posted on their web site, are the signals still profitable anyway or a complete losing venture? Besides good Forex signal services, also share any Forex signal services that should be avoided and why? Please point out the pros and cons of the signal service.
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    I tried a couple of forex signals and i was always not satisfied with results. Either they end the month with loss or they send u signals that u can never execute. I mean they send a signal when price has already moved so they can be sure that the trade is in their favour. I was always complaining that i can never do same as the results they post in their website and they were replying that there maybe some delay in my e-mail provider!!

    Now,i'm receiving signals from They send it to my cell phone as sms signal. They give market orders to buy/sell with stop loss and take profit limits and they keep updating the trade. There's no delay in sms since it takes few seconds to arrive to my mobile. So far,i always managed to enter the market very close to the price they send. I'm receiving their signals since 1st July and i'm satisfied with it. I will subscribe for August and i will keep following them as long as their signals are ending the month with profit
  3. Please keep us advised.

    Michael B.
  4. Thanks, 4xTrader, I'll check them out. Anyone else have any experience with the fxmaster signal service? Anyone trading any other signal services besides that one, that is producing good results? Also 4xTrader, you mentioned you had some bad experiences with other forex signal services, can you mention which ones these are, as ones to avoid?
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    I am not familiar with this way of trading.

    1) Are the signals sent to your mobile phone based on YOUR trading system ? Eg you send them your rules, they code it with whatever soft they like, and send you the corresponding signals whenever they appear ?

    2) Or are the signals you receive based on a black box model of theirs ?

    If this is case 2), Michael I'm pretty surprised to read your post, because this doesn't sound like your approach of trading at all.
  6. Jr,

    are you talking to me? or the handle michael norris?

    I constantly look at signal services and new ideas. I do not subscribe to them, but I like to hear how they do.

    Michael B.
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    I was talking to you Michael !

    Can you very briefly in one line describe how these service works ? Are they sending you signals based on your systems or THEIR systems ?
  8. They are a black box charleton making money on selling you their signals based on their stuff.

    Snake oil at it's finest.

    Michael B.

    P.S. Ok you satisfied? Now were not going to get any info!

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    They don't send alerts based on ur trading system.

    They send signals based on their own forex analysis. It's something like signals but send directly to your mobile instead of email
  10. jkrob;

    The reason for the post is that I am the one who books all of the monthly club meetings, so I am always looking at different trading products and services for stocks, futures, and forex that that look worthwhile to bring in speakers to share infomormation with the club. Most of these speakers usually fall into one of three catagories. They are usually involved in either 1. trading strategy seminars 2. trading software or 3. signals
    In fact the last two speakers we have had speak at the club in the last two months offered signal services, so I invite these kind of speakers to speak at the club. Neither of the last two speakers who offered signal services were offering black box systems, definate trading rules and charting methods are employed by both, and they each shared trading strategy info in their presentations. For potential speakers, I like to find ones that come recommended from other people who have had good experiences with them, which was the case with the last two speakers, they came as recommendations. That is the purpose of this post, to find recommedations, so I can look into them further as potential future speakers and/or set up an alliance with them and the club like I did with the speaker from two months ago, if I like what I see enough to do that.

    To answer your 2 questions
    1. There are services out there like that sends signals for cell phone/pager alerts you set yourself when a price you set for whatever stocks you put on the list is hit, and I'm sure they have services like that for Forex as well, but the signal services I was referring to are those that send out alerts of their own trading signals they are selling (not yours that you set).
    2. The forex signal services I was asking about were ones that are not black box computer generated signals, but ones that people are involved in with a trading strategy that involves human intervention with them calling their own trades, not blind signals that a computer black box would generate.
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