Forex: trade 1000 lots?

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  1. Is there anywhere that you can trade smaller lots than mini size on forex without going into just exchanging cash? I wish to trade but even mini size is large enough for me to have an emotional attachment to my money. I looked at IDEAL with ib but their site says explicitly that it is not for trading so i assume that i would run into problems if i were to try. It would be great if i could have a terrible day and walk away with a 10$ loss. 0.5% margin is just way too much leverage it makes any scaling in scaling out strategy out of the question.

    Anyone know of other markets where you can trade (short term) with pennys?
  2. cstfx


    Oanda. Trade for as little as $1.

    MBTrading. Trade for as little as $100.

    Both easily can accommodate your 1k requirement.
  3. awesome thanks; now i can continue losing money at 1/10th the velocity
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    Trading 1000 at Oanda requires $71 margin for EUR.USD at this time using 20 to 1 margin. At $.10 a pip it will take quite awhile to blow your account.
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    Elite Trader once again reaches ever higher levels of the members. .. :D
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    Seems pretty smart to me. Trade small lots until you get things working, then gradually increase size. More realistic than paper-trading since there's actual money involved.

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    Totally mind was more of a new person going to retail FX. Of all the choices to trade retail FX imo is the worst, bucket shops ring a bell and fly by night outfits. There is plenty of cases out there for the new person to trade. Trading with so called zero commission is a bad choice. Commission is in the spread. SILLY Thks