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    I have recently realized the importance of being able to spot supply and demand levels in Forex. I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me to good sources of education, related specifically to Forex "fresh Supply and Demand levels". Please note, what i am looking for is supply and demand levels specifically, NOT the usual support and resistance stuff that everyone knows about more or less. So far, the only sources I have found are some articles on fxstreetcom (by an online trading academy trader if i am not mistaken, they also teach that stuff, but their course is waaaay too expensive for me right now..), and a forex signals service that claims to use them ( but it is also a paid service and i can't really commit to that right now. Any free sources will do, and maybe a good book (specific to the topic). Plus, if you can post any bits and pieces of your knowledge here, i would appreciate that too. Like how do you spot these levels, what characteristics are you looking for, and how do you like to trade them? Any preferable timeframes/pairs?

    Please be generous with the info, any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. you are asking for the holy grail.

    You wont get it here. You have to find it on your own, just like everybody else.

    That what you call supply and demand, is just everything trading forecasting is about.

    Of course its about highs and lows aka supports and resistances, everybody can see, BUT, also the ones, only the pros can see, these are the invisible support and resistance levels.

    Study support and resistance, and find a way to statistical measure and analyze, why the markets always are doing the same things, over and over - then find a way to forecast that things, and so on........isnt so difficult, how to do it, but you must do it, once you did it - you did it and then the money is what you get for it.

    Just do it.:p
  3. Plenty of threads here that demonstrate strategies. Just have to know where to look. Ignore HateTheRisk. Apparently he's just a piker with nothing better to do.
  4. Google Sam Seiden..

    he does some stuff for fxstreet and has a pretty good way to describe supply and demand zones outside of just drawing lines on a chart.
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