Forex, Stocks or Futures

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    I admit that i'm still beginner in trading. I have trade forex for nearly 1 year with 0% profit. When ever i get the profit i will lose them back and sometimes my account become zero!.

    I need advice for you. I want to be an Investor! I want my money work for me! thats what RObert Kiyosaki always say.

    So, for me to start trading again, what is the best market to trade? I heard that forex is very risky.. and may i know why? and why do you prefer Stocks? or Futures?

    Please... i need advise!
    Thank you in advance.
  2. If you want to be an investor in the Rich Dad fashion - meaning holding assets which produce income for you - then in the markets you're talking about the stocks, and dividend paying stocks at that.