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  1. XMarshall


    Hi friends,

    Would like to request all the experienced Forex traders out there to guide me to available and proven Forex Signal Service providers in the market ?

    (don't know if any free signals are available but would love to know about them also :) )

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I have been using this signals provider since May and I am satisfied so far.

    They don't pretend to make unreachable results but they have had consistent good performances this year.

    Last summer was difficult but they are back on track with +632 pips in september.

    You can try them during 10 days for 1$. They send alerts by mail + SMS.

    Good luck.
  3. As of todays date they just gave back 632 pips from the date of your last post quoted took them only 36 days to do that...

  4. Hello

    I just started, what do you mean with signal (same like feed) and what is the usual delay?

    Thank you for the info.
  5. What is the delay for the info?
  6. Hello flyingreturn welcome to ET.

    Please pardon the is just that your question seemed so elementary. I will try and help.

    In trading there can be a third party helping you to trade. They electronically send you an email...a Yahoo message....a visual/audible tone on their website...etc signalling you to execute a trade.


  7. Hi ES

    Thank you a very much!
    Yes it sounds elementary but I will learn fast :) I'll check Investopedia more often, promise!

    I read about technical analysis (= chart reading?) and it seems to work for some people, I just don't yet understand why.
    On this site, they say with their tool they made +13.8% in a month. A friend told me that's a lot.

    Is it possible for a beginner like me to make returns like this?
  8. Anything is possible. I suppose you know that Trading forex is likened to gambling at a casino.

    Some use Technical analysis to help them read the price trend. There seems to always be a trend at some time interval/timeframe.. I suppose if enough people use technical analysis at the same time that the market will trend. Reading that trend and understanding exhaustion will be helpful for you to learn.

    I believe to get on the fast track in your journey, you will need to trade with real money. You will learn the fastest that way....get in there and trade and get your feet wet. There are many dealers out there that will let you start with a small amount of money. You will need to lose first before you can win....This is not being is just the nature of trading Forex.

    Again Trading live will help you to discover if you have a passion for trading then you can ponder why....Do you like Gambling?


  9. I've tried QuestFx, they are pretty good... They offer free access to their trading room for 15 days.. You might want to check that out.
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    a few weeks ago i was close to signing up with which is a forex signal service by Bob Iaccino, as some of you know he is on CNBC regularly and seems like a pretty smart guy, but i decided to stick to my manual trading for now, if anyone else has used his signals id be interested in hearing your opinion
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