Forex Signals Provider?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Coner1980, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Coner1980


    Have any one using Free Forex Signals and which are the best platform you recommend to get free Forex signals?
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  2. yuck...christ no... do not trade signals; either learn to trade yourself or don't bother with trading at all..
  3. maxinger


    There are hundreds of such sites.
    It is an excellent place to get your mind contaminated.
    In fact, you can even get free signals in this ET forum.

    Occassionally I might visit those sites for entertainment purpose.
    and I'd laugh loudly. It would also reminded me of how foolish I was
    years ago looking at such sites.
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  4. Ponmo


    Why on earth do you suppose someone would give you a free Forex signal? Even the paid services are not reliable, how much less a free signal. Do not waste your time on such baloney.
  5. Coner1980


    Thanks for giving me such a great advice. I am serious in doing Forex and now I will learn the Forex and than start and will trade without help of any Forex Signals providers.