FOREX signals on this thread. No strings attached.

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  1. FOREX signals on this thread. No strings attached.

    Set up:
    • Based on DAILY bars.
    • 8 Pairs : EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY. In other words, 6 US$ related, 3 Euro related, 3 Pound related, 3 Yen related and 1 each CHF, CAD, AUS related.
    • No predictions. Nobody knows the future. The author simply observes that the pair is:
    A) Trending UP (Green), or
    B) Trending DOWN (Red). or
    C) The pair is moving but the author is CLUELESS: OUT (Yellow).

    The author's intention is to post them daily here on ET on a PNG link, as the market is trading at 5 P.M. (PST) = 12 midnight the same day GMT. (USA advanced today one hour for Daily Savings Time).
    HOWEVER, eventually this will be discontinued, in a matter of days. months or years. Things happen, i.e: worthless signals, travel, DSL , internet connections problems, sickness or the author finally folds his tent.

    • Please observe the signals first or paper trade before you commit any money on real trading, and if you do, please use stops, since trends change and geopolitical events influence all markets. (Regarding stops, there are good suggestions in different threads all over ET). Worst case scenario, use the highest/lowest of the last 3 bars.
    • Do not look for sinister motives on this posting. Believe or not, the author has no intentions of selling signals or managing other people’s money, that is WORK, he retired years ago.
    • There is “swap” (interest charge/credit) when shorting/buying the pair, these signals are for position trades. Check with your broker.

    One more thing before the link. Give these signals a chance. The author traded commodities for many years since the early 70’s, and securities since then. He uses two methods combined, one lagging indicator and one overbought/oversold oscillator. He will not issue a GREEN or RED signal at the bottom or top of the move, nobody can. These signals appear when the pair is already trending. The goal is to ride part of any move. This thread is not a joke.
    BusinessWeek run an article couple of years ago about a man that lives in Las Vegas that traded a miniforex account of $250.00 (actually $500.00, he added another $250.00) to $ 25,0000.00 in 3 years. The author misplaced the magazine. It will be scanned or linked later on when found. Anyhow, the author of this thread funded a minforex account and is going to place real trades using these signals. Daily charts entail few minutes of work every day without the hassle of looking at the laptop for hours or losing sleep when forex opens at different intervals all over the world. The signals will certainly help, but increasing the number of contracts traded as the profits compound, will really explode the growth of the account. Next post on or after 5 P.M. (PST) Monday March 12, 2007.
    Here is the first link.
  2. Does the author live in Colorado and drive a fake woodgrained Chrysler Minivan?

    The Ever Smelling Something VIPER
  3. Quote from TadeViper:
    Does the author live in Colorado and drive a fake woodgrained Chrysler Minivan?

    The Ever Smelling Something VIPER

    No. Same house in Hollywood since april 1, 1973. Drives a 2005 Red Prius.
    Trade Viper, it gives the author a chance to repost the link, decreasing the size of the boxes on the Excel. Previous link did not show the last pair GBPJPY.
  4. Aren't you going to get in trouble printing results from Wizetrade here for free :D Green Buy, Red Sell!
  5. quote from optioncoach:
    Aren't you going to get in trouble printing results from Wizetrade here for free Green Buy, Red Sell!

    Not at all. Their green and red are probably better than these. Looks like they track volume up/volume down. The ones posted here track price only and are lagging. Is like riding a wave for a while.
    You may be referring to 4x made easy. They want $3,500.00 plus $ 100 amonth for data feed. The author already got taken by this scam couple of years ago. He paid $3.295.00 and $ 49 a month for data feed for OPTIONS MADE EASY. Those green/red kept changing many times during the day. It is on the shelf as a good reminder, not even for re-sale, it will be shameful.
    If you got access to their daily arrows, post them here for ET members, they must be good.
    If green and red bothers you and others the author could replace L for green, S for Red and C (Clueless) instead of OUT.
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