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  1. Hi Forex traders,

    I am just looking to gather some data for a school project.
    This would be very useful if you could answer this quick survey.
    It will take about 2 minutes of your time.

    Thank you in advance for your time.
    I would like to get at least 100 replies.
    I am sure you guys (and girls) can do it


    Diable Trader

    Do you use a Forex Signals Alert Service? (Y/N)

    If No….Your work is done……………… If yes please continue to the next question

    How long have you been with this service.

    How many Forex Trades do you make per WEEK.

    How much per month do you pay for the Alert Service?

    How many signals do you get per day?

    On what pairs do you get signals

    When do you get your signals?
    -Once a day.
    -Anytime of the day when there is a live signal

    Is your service interactive?

    Can you ask live questions to the mentor?

    Does he provide any education?

    In General, are you happy about the service provided by your Alert service.
    Out of 100 (1 = not happy at all….. -> 100 = very happy

    What would you like to get from a Signal Alert Service? (Please explain)
    Regardings: (hours, interaction, education, prices)

    Please note: All Info will be keep confidential.
    This is only for a school project.
    We are just looking to get some data to work with.

    Feel free to PM me your answer:

    Just copy and paste these questions and write your answers at the end of each one.
  2. Do you use a Forex Signals Alert Service? (Y/N): N
  3. No signal service

    De Independant VIPER
  4. Thank you to you two.

    I need more people to answer


    Have a great Holiday.
  5. I don't use a signal service
  6. Jaime


    no signals service. no point trying to get an edge using the same signals as however many other people, who are essentially paying for a service that makes itself useless by the simple fact that it is for sale to the public.

    my 2 cents
  7. You are not going to get anywhere near 100, or even 10 "yes" replies, for obvious reasons. Incidentally, that doesn't sound like a school project at all.

    In any case, most of your questions have objective, factual answers -- no need to go fishing in the dark with a poll like this. Most online polls are based on self-selected samples, by design. As such, they are inevitably biased big time and offer little, if any, insight or value regarding the population of interest.

    Instead, just go to FX-Review (a free, non-commercial site; no affiliation) and easily / quickly get all the objective answers yourself. There's a forum there, too, if you need more info.
  8. Thank you all for your answers.

    Sorry, if this is nto for a school project I don't know why it is for.
    (I am not sure what you are trying to say)

    Thank you for the link I'll check it out.

  9. I checked your link,

    I am sorry,

    But I think you miss the point.
    We are not looking for different forex system or a review on different signals services.

    Our survey does not ask for the name of the service clients subscribe to.

    I am not looking to promote a system or bash one.

    We are just looking to see if people use these systems?

    Why is there so many if nobody use them?

    Are they in general satisfied from the service etc.

    If you don't use them just say NO....

    I am not gonna be upset... I am not looking to get 10- 20 - 30 YES.. I am just looking for numbers....if they are all no that is ok with me....

    Thank you for all the people that toke to time to reply so far.

  10. OK. Chalk up another "No" from me for your survey.

    Here's what I'm curious about. When you say...

    ... do you not see how ill-conceived your chosen method is, in order to get even the roughest, ballpark estimates of "numbers"? How many or what % use such services, how satisfied they are with them, etc.

    Scenario 1: you get 49 "N" and 0 "Y".

    Scenario 2: you get 49 "Y" and 0 "N" (never mind that you already have a few "N").

    What have you learned that's different between Scenarios 1 and 2? Remember, these are the folks who 1) saw your post and 2) bothered to select themselves to reply -- anonymously -- truthfully or otherwise. A remotely random sample it's not.

    To answer one of your questions -- and who is "we" you keep talking about? -- there are apparently hundreds of online forex signals subscription services out there, probably because of extremely low barriers to entry (such as expertise, technology, cost, time), little regulation, negligible downside risk and high perceived upside potential. Good ol' (enterprise) risk / reward ratio, under capitalism.

    BTW, before you casually dismiss that free forum, I think it might be just peachy-perfect for your qualitative, non-statistical research.
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