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    Can someone provide a good reference for good forex signal service providers, please?
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    can somebody tell me who's a good subscription based forex signal provider?
  3. Are there any? I've not seen one.
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    Anyone have any good experience? I have 2 that I liked a lot, but I'm looking for other peoples experiences.
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    I'm an old subscriber of Fxmaster mobile . I trade their signals since 2005 and i'm making good profit. They proved to be reliable and honest for many years. They don't promise thousands of pips per month like other forex scams. Their results are realistic and i guess this's the best that anyone can earn from forex trading.
    Their past performance since 2003 is available here
  7. Post some live trades, let's see it in real time.
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    Action Forex is pretty cool! Any ideas on how you're trading it?

    A friend of mine referred me to which looks awesome. Said the results are exactly what he got to the pip and trades are once a day.

    I'm an accountant so I work all day, but I want to swing trade. I tried and their take profits and stop losses are ridiculous. Like 20pip TP and 300 pip SL.

    I'll check out that last one, thanks a lot.
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    I also recommend Fxmaster. I tried most of the available forex signals services and Fxmaster proved to be very honest and profitable.
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