Forex signal provider recommendations?

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    Can you folks recommend any good forex signal providers?

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  3. Learn to find trade signals yourself, then you wont need to depend on that signal provider crap.

    Remember the proverb: "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day,..... teach him how to fish by himself and he will eat for a lifetime"

    I learned my trading strategies in where there are some very talented FX traders who post their charts and have been in the business quite a while. Theres a euro forum and GBP forum(Im on the latter, my handle on there is JOEMIAMI.

    If you really want to excel in the FX market, then sign up(its free) and learn from those who really know the business and you can see how they think when analyzing and finding trade setups.
    See you there.... ;)
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    As usual, good sound advice
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    agreed. i use the signal service as secondary inputs, as sometimes it's boring to sit through hours waiting for a setup and impatience got me into unnecessary trades (over-trading). the signal service gives ideas that may not be obvious since it's based on algorithms or models. you can certainly do without the signal service.
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    by Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov.
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    They send medium term trades. All signals are limit orders that may take hours or even one day until the open. The average duration of a trade is around 1 day. Some trades close in few hours and other trades may stay open 2-3 days. While a trade is open on one currency, they don't open any new trades on the same currency and they trade EUR/USD,GBP/USD,USD/JPY and USD/CHF. So, the max number of open trades at a time is 4. Every trade target is between 120-250. I prefer when i can make good prfot from few trades, it's better than sending many signals every day scalping few pips with each signal.
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    Any recommendations for forex signals during the Asian and Euro sessions? I have to sleep, unfortunately, during the NY session. Thanks for any pointers.
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