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    I was wondering if anyone has herd of FxRingLeader? If so what is your comments about them? I am trying to find the best alert signal out there. I am willing to pay good amount if the product will profit from it.



    Is there any other signals out there someone would suggest?

  3. da-net


    First ...Welcome to ET!

    I have not heard of the service you mention.

    Unfortunately in your postings you failed to mention what you want to trade, how you want to trade, etc. When you decide what style trading suits you best then perhaps someone can point you in a direction. Do not forget to look at all the resources available right here on ET!

    There is a thread that was started by nik1033 on trading the gbp/usd.

    In it he is reasonably accurate and timely. There are many other threads that you should read as well.



    Sorry I am still new at this...

    I am wanting to trade Forex Currency I have been looking at alot of different pairs to see which ones are more profitable.
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    Learn how to trade/develop your own system.
    There are NO shortcuts.
    90% of the signal services out there are pure unadulterated snake oil.

    Start off with a demo account with FXCM, study every timeframe of the EURUSD until you "feel" a trade.

    I like the free Fx charts from Metatrader 4.

    DO NOT spend a dime on a signal service, they all suck!

    Kathy Lien's book is worthwhile.

    Good luck


    Thanks for the info so far!

    I use mediatrader 4 for my trading software.

    I have a friend helping me out, right now he's just been busy it seems so I have been on my own.

    The first real day of trading with my money I increased my account by 40%... But the past 2 days I was trying different attacks and lost my profit... I will be back in the game tonight.

    I noticed alot of forums I have been reading and people offer there advice on trading certain paris and alot of it seems to be misleading information.

    Is there certain times to trade that seem to be the most profitable?

    Keep the info rolling guys.

  7. I wasn't looking for a "system", I don't have time to trade on my own, I was looking for a signal provider.

    Like the guy previously said here, "these signal providers are snake oil", yup, I agree 100%.

    I tried one after another, did nothing but lose money.

    Two months ago I found one, as soon as I logged in I knew something was different about it, plus I knew from talking with the guy who runs it.

    First of all, all the trades are shown in their members area, all open trades and all closed trades, including the times, exits, everything.

    So far this month we're up +220 pips, no losses at all. I find that amazing all by itself.

    I don't want to post their link here, I got kicked off another board for posting a link, I don't want to get kicked off this one.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks For Not Booting Me :)

    I guess you can't post names of websites either, I'm glad I didn't get booted for that :)

    I assume its ok for me to tell you through PM so if you want to contact me that way go ahead and I'll be happy to let you know the signal provider I finally found that's legit.