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  1. Anyone from North America have a hard time waking up to trade Forex during European session?

    The Good moves appear to start from 2:00a.m EST - 12:00 p.m EST.

    So it's sort of bad trying to wake up at such an odd hour and be able stay up.

    Any tips?
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    yes, i have trouble during the euro session and have tried many things...the best thus far are finding a different strategy that fits my personality and does not require constant screen time PLUS a cup of my wife's coffee. she uses "chock full of nuts" brand and it does not have as much filler as other brands

    I don't want to say her coffee is strong, but i could probably drink 10 cups of someone elses and achieve the same result as 1 of hers!:D :D
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    It's a bummer to trade during Euro market hours, although trading longer time frame is possible but it's a hit or missed opportunity sometimes; I hope the market gets a little more active like it did last year when it was nonstop action of trading.

  4. Yeah, it sucks. I am up half the night instead of all of it, but the trading is fully automated. Trying to be coherent enough to trade it manually would be a serious challenge. I'd think you would have to treat it as if was a full-time night shift at a "real job" and adjust your life accordingly. As this doesn't fit a lot of people, I'd recommend trying futures or stocks, moving to Europe, or automating your strategies!
  5. Hook up with a trader in Europe and trade each others accounts or set up both accounts on a managed account platform, and add a '10% maximum drawdown' clause in the agreement.

    Mind you it's not easy to find someone you can trust totally but if you can then it's about the best solution, the European trader can trade the European up to US open and the US trader can trade the US session.

    Then hook up with a third trader in Asia and you've got yourself 24/5 trading :)
  6. thanks for the advice guys. I'll just continue waking up and try to catch zzz's whenever I can during the day.
  8. Huh, 'Laugh Out Floor Laughing.... ' :confused:

    Anyway, what exactly is the point you're trying to make?

    Wait don't tell me, you probably don't have one, now there's a freakin surprise :p
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    hello every body
    i haven't tried the Euro sessions but i think that all sessions are indicated according to the market conditions and prices. changes occur suddenly because the market prices are indicated also according to the events that are taking place in the whole world. so we should not prefer ona session on another.
  10. One word, liquidity.
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