Forex Scams~~Good Article by Wikipedia(en)

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  1. Hayek


    Forex Scams

    Didn't expect some of forex traders also have hobby to write wiki.

  2. so its impossible to make money in the forex markets?

  3. would be nice if all the forex newbs would come to index futs and at least give other retail traders a chance at their money. seems better for everyone at the retail level to compete against each other, assuming everyone thinks they have a shot at profitability
  4. daveyd72


    Ive been daytrading forex for over six months. I haven't had a losing month yet. I also trade stocks. I find the stock market much more manipulated.

    Frontrunning analysts upgrades/downgrades, earning manipulation, jerks like cramer moving stocks...

    i find Forex, much easier to see short term trends...
  5. Idoogye


    Wow, that Wikipedia (where EVERYBODY's an expert) sure is the definitive source of accurate information, innit?

    After all, if it's posted on the internet, it's gotta be true, right? :D
  6. proxi1


    Interesting article, reflects the reality out there about Retail FX
  7. Why on heart it's still legal is beyond me

    :confused: :confused:
  8. proxi1


    That is good point. probably hard to control and prove the scams. I mean it is electronic, how on earth to prove it. If we blame broker they probably will say its liquidity providers, and if liquidity providers are big players (banks etc) then us small ones will find it difficult to prove anything. Just life I suppose.
  9. That's not the issue; if you can make money daytrading cash fx then you're still better off trading futures contracts on globex.
  10. Wikipedia was in the news (USA Today) a few months ago for publishing a false biography.
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