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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Osiris, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Osiris


    Does anybody know of a decent real time feed for FOREX that is compatable with medved Quotetracker? Or any other realiable alert service for that matter?

    I am trying to open up an acct for FX trading in Canada, but most of them won't take Canadian accts :(

    The few that will, do not seem to be supported by Quote tracker... although qoutetracker is compatable with IB, and they will take CDN's :)

    Anyone have experience with IB and using quotetracker with alerts would be great. Or if you know of any decent brokers (Oanda?) that will accept Canadians and also have integrated alerts....that would rock!

    Thanks to anyone who can offer some advice.
  2. Osiris


    Heh, nobody knows anything about this? Ok, well i signed up for an IB account and quotetracker so i am going to try it out.
  3. Osiris


    In case anyone was works really well. Once I got it all synced up, I just set my price alert for the GBP.USD with Quotetracker and IB as my quote source.

    The only thing is that you will likely have to download some new .wav files for the alert sounds if you want to be able to hear them while you are doing other things or to wake you up if you were sleeping.

    The downside....i got woken up 3 times last night and was too timid to put a trade on :( LOL...quite the waste....and starting to impact my equity trading...
  4. Goodfray


    What's the url of this alert service?
  5. Osiris


    Hey goodfrey....the alert service is:

    It is great....and free! But it is not a service that picks buy/sell point for is merely price alerts based on where you decide to set the alert. But that is exactly what i wanted, so it was perfect for me.
  6. Peter35


    lateapex, do they requier normal mobile number or mobile e-mail?
  7. Create a new Device

    "Before you set up an alert, you must make sure to have a valid device created to receive messages in email format from Alert!Fx. This device may be a home computer, palm pilot, mobile phone, pager, or any other device that is able to receive email messages."