Forex prop or arcade in London?

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  1. Hey,

    Does anyone know any prop firm or arcade for forex trading in London?


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    try trade link international.

    dont think they have a web site - but you may get a phone number from an exchange site.

    they are a prop firm.

    i doubt you will find arcades trading fx, cos there traders will need their own cash. to trade spot fx requires more cash than is sensible compared to futures.

    no professional would touch a retail fx 'broker' cos they are all bandits in disguise and totally mickey mouse.

    for a start their spread is too wide to scalp effectively, which is what all arcades want you to do so they make their $$$/£££ on your rt costs.

    if you really want to trade fx at an arcade, your best bet is to try refco trading services and trade euro fx futures. sta may do this too.
  4. arcades are places where children go to play.
  5. Goldman Sachs
  6. Thanks guys!
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    Refco Trading Services have a FX and CFD platform now and are fairly competitive
  8. DaVinci,

    I suppose it's the currenex platform ?
    What are the spreads and the liquidity
    for the EUR/USD ?
  9. it's based on saxo bank software it's RTS trader 1.2, it's the institutional cash market spread of 3 pips or whatever the cash is at the time if you see it and hit it you get it
  10. the futures are very liquid, I trade euro dollar and yen dollar on TT on cme. Generally 100-200 at the market each side for five prices (visible) each way. Thins out 5,10,15s before something like trade deficit but good to trade off market stop orders to get you in on these, if you like a little risk and have a fast trigger finger! :eek:

    If you fancy longer term cmc spreadbet have 3 pip spread on the cash fx and if you're a brit it's tax free profits. Their charting software is even starting to resemble cqg
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