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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by saikiranray, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Hi

    anyone know about forex prop firms which take newbies
    location not specific
    please also tell your experiences
  2. Saikiranray,
    If you have a record of profitable trading during which you used proper money management and had limited drawdowns see the homepage (top left) of

    If you are desperate, as in don’t have any money to trade with, FXCM/Refco offers a $200,000 stake (two 100K lots). They want you to trade 8 times a day and will give you half the profits. They hold a seminar every month or so at 11 Broadway, NYC, N.Y.

    Haven’t found anything between the two. If you have an EU work permit you might try MacFutures in London or MacHoldings in Gibraltar. Refco recently acquired them but they are real prop shops (as opposed to the FXCM/Refco deal above) and might let a trader do currency futures.
  3. Thank you

    traderguy and MrNoNonsense for the response

    I will check out the leads you gave me. please keep them coming

    I am looking for prop firms that would give some kinda of training before inducting me and yes I am looking for capital
    an am ready for the rules and restrictions you mentioned.