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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by olivierteper, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone

    Im a daytrader on forex spot full time for own and few private clients . But i m looking for a forex prop firm , if you have some informations about it .

  2. joemiami

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    Ive looked for prop forex firms in the past...havent found any. I trade forex for myself and 8 clients. I love the independence offered me trading out of my home office. No prop firm for happy the way I am. If you're lonely trading by yourself..get a dog..
  3. kxvid


    There are no forex prop firms. Maybe it because there are a total of zero profitable forex day traders in the world.
  4. There are firms who offer office-space, professional-level connectivity and access to all the pro-platforms up to EBS Prime, but i don't know of any firm who provides funding. Most of them have Cap Intro teams but i never heard anything positive about those (and in today's environment they are probably entirely useless).

    Of course there are FX prop desks of various institutions but they don't recruit nobodies w/o trackrecord (surely not for a risk-taker position) like some of those US equities 'propshops'. Personally i always found that business-model a bit dubious.