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Discussion in 'Forex' started by saikiranray, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. I have just seen the website

    they have something called trend forecasts

    "The forecasted rates below show a 10 day exponential moving average based on closing prices projected 5 days forward."

    I have tried to observe their findings but results have been mixed.

    Could any of you give your opinion or thoughts on this website
    and also mention any other sites which give such kind of forecasts.

    I have been following Naval Vithalani's recommendations (posted in mostly and find it pretty accurate and I am looking for sites/groups which provide signals in a similar way.
  2. prob if I spend as much time skimming their forum boards

    as here on elite I might find some good nugget of info
  3. saikiranray: MoneyTec forum is a joke, run by a guy (Kyle) who has serious penis envy problems, and takes them out on the members whenever he can, imitating a "Norman Bates" psycho character - they are a bunch of forex trader extrordinaire wannabes - you ever checked out their resident butch bull masculine "Iris"?

    She posts her "predictions" every 20 minutes on EUR/USD round the clock - it's a dick replacement for her that she exchanges for cutting balls off.

    My advice: Forget other's predictions - use your head, continue educating yourself - make your own decisions. learn to trade well and better your system always becoming a better trader.

    there are no holy grails out there and no, there is no way to "predict" which way the price is going to go.

    if there was, and one guy had the system - he/she would be a centi-trilliionaire in about a year.


  4. izeickl


    :D That is so true, Iris amazed loads of gimps on the site by making money selling Euros repeatedly when the dollar went through a period of strength back last summer. Then lost god knows how much refusing to see the trend had changed and repeatedly selling in the subsequent uptrend. Complete joke and totally arrogant, adding repeatedly to heavy losers and moving stops up and up, and the other lemmings on the forum were following in sync.
  5. anyone have a clue on how the FX market will react the next 48 hours?

    small gap , big gap , big retrace of gap small retrace of gap?

    intervention a possibility again this week in Yen , or in Euro ?

    nope ... no central bank is interested at this time in throwing money away?