Forex PnL on IB statements

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    How can you get those on IB activity statements as on my statements I can only ID the stocks, options et futures performances ?

    Thanks for clarifiying !
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    Trying another way :

    How do you get your cumulated and detailed forex profit to fill your income tax declaration through an IB account ?
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    Somehow I just downloaded the activity statement in french and it seems to appear in the cash section, summary, although I see more profit that I had thought ?!?
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    I'm a bit talking to myself in this thread but I'm not familiar with trading forex. Only made 3 forex transactions plus some small currency conversations that registered in ideal pro but didn't had much impact and thought it pocketed around 20k, yet, in the CASH REPORT the line

    Cash FX Translation Gain/Loss

    shows 31k+ profit. Is it supposed to indicate the proceeds of forex transactions ? If not where can I get those, and if yes how come it's 10k more than what I thought ?

    Please help IB forex traders !!
  5. Its not on IB statements, you gotta calculate it yourself (at least that was the case last time I checked).