Forex "Pair Trading" or "Hedging"

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  1. Forex "Pair Trading" or "Hedging"..this has not been discussed a lot here...does anyone "pair trade" or "hedge" by trading one cross against another...or more than one against another(s) etc.
  2. Example: go short EUR/USD and long GBP/USD and capture the divergences and net some pip profit...anyone do this or with other crosses?
  3. or short AUD/USD and long USD/JPY...capturing divergence pip profits!...
  4. anyone know of any website that highlight this kind of trading?
  5. This kind of thing is covered in gory detail over at forexfactory. is good for finding correlations between currency pairs.
  6. It is not a true hedge unless you hold actuals.

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  7. Gory detail hehehehehehe :D

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  8. is there a certain forum or thread?...thanks!
  9. thanks...will check this website out...thanks
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