Forex Or Stocks

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  1. I have been teaching myself with very small lots to trade stocks over the past few months with limited success. I know its going to take time but lately I have been wondering if stocks are the very best vehicle available to me. I have read alot about forex being the future, etc..... What do you guys think. I would hate to put in years of work to learn how to trade the wrong thing. I am willing to put in the work and enjoy it but I know this question could save me alot of time and money. Thanks
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    I trade GBP/USD, German Bunds, crude oil and Russel2000 ...
    it's all trading ...
  3. Don't worry, from the sounds of it you're on the road to a couple of blow-outs before you're profitable anyways. Your vehicle of choice isn't going to be your problem most likely.

    Good trading to you.
  4. Stocks, for the most part, are safer. But you have more leverage with FOREX than stocks. It is always open, so that is a plus also. Have not dove into it yet, but I am meaning to test those markets in 07.
  5. Leverage is the enemy for FX. You can lose just as fast as you can make. I would recommend you go into FX slowly if you do head in that direction and do it with a trusted platform.

    Read more in the FX forum and work on your risk management strategy.

    Good hunting!
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    i opened an account with oanda which allows me to dabble in forex with very small size (no account/trade minimum) a number of forex brokers have similar arrangements.

    imho forex is 'safer' than stocks for two reasons: 1 it is open 24 hours a day and if you don't hold positions over the weekend there is verry little chance of your stop being gapped against you. and, unless you are trading etfs or some kind of already diversified instrument, the currencies of countries are less likely to blow up than the stock of a single company, so you have a little bit of protection there too.

    as always, keep bets small, don't fight the trend, cut losses, etc. and they can work very well for you. my experience has been that forex is slightly more predictable than the stock market....less of that path that will harm the greatest number of people stuff...
  7. Learning to TRADE is not about what to trade but HOW to trade.

    O, sure, there are some differences in the instrument traded but the principles to trade is the same. retail forex is a joke, it is a scam, a fad at best, a ripoff. Trade futures. Stocks are ok if you are old fashioned. HA.... :)