Forex or futures?

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  1. Sorry, I'm not clear here.
    For example there are EURUSD and 6E futures. Which of them is leading? Which ticker will move first, fx or futures? I'm not sure which market I need to use to trading?

    There are separate buy/sell volumes in futures market and it's possible to use special types of charts, like MarketDelta/FootPrint or MarketProfile. But as I see currencies futures depend from Fx market, is it correct? And for this reason the analysis of currencies futures is less valuable?
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    if trading futures, u worry less about slippage. If you are trading fx, banks will take your money thru large slippage
  3. Yes, I know it. Is this a difference only?
  4. This question has been asked a lot...

    Interbank spot FX mkt is the one that's dominant. Compared to its liquidity, futures are nothing. Moreover, futures are, by definition, a derivative contract with spot as the underlying.
  5. Thank you. As I see the technical analysis of forex is preferable
  6. Also, futures on currencies are weighted in varying amounts against other spot pairs.
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    I would say the contrary... max slippage you have with a standard bucket shop like Oanda is 0.2 - 0.3 pips.
  8. Trade futures. It's way better (and safer) !

  9. intraday - futures
    buy-and-hold - fx
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    because your asking....futures.
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