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    where do i get info on forex options. I use IB and when i asked them, they recommended a symbol lookup.
    You may look at PHLX or ISE for symbol on currency option. You may also at Globex, for currency future option. On website, go Trading, exchange listings.

    IB lookup is giving me nightmares today.

    any additoinal clarification is highly appreciated.
  2. Yes, I know that feeling, quite hard to find and famous IB customer service.

    XDE (Euro) XDB (Gbp) XDA (Aud) and so on.

    Can see quite good quotes on:

    CME / Futures Options:
    Enter EUR (GBP, AUD...) into TWS, then select "Futures Options" from the pop-up.

    Can be seen also on:
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    wow. i tried now with IB and there is a lot. there are some with strike price 7 for CAD.USD. who ever would trade on such strikes.
    is there any that i should filter out
  4. Can anyone tell me about Fx options?

    Are they suitable for short term trades of 3 minutes up to an hour?

    How would the return on that compare with trading spot?

    And how much liquidity is there.

    Many thanks if anyone can help.