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    I'm looking for information & recommendations on forex options brokers.

    Ideally, I'm looking for a broker that offers forex & forex options on the same platform, offers cross-margining & shows you margin requirements of a position before you put it on, and has an option profit graph capability, and is an ECN. However, I haven't found anyone who has anything near this. Below is what I've found so far:

    offers options & forex:
    i_kon global markets
    PFG Best - same software as i_kon. ecn. best platform in terms of ease of use, but has forex options & forex on separate platforms.
    InteractiveBrokers - confusing platform
    Gain - offers forex options, but appears to have a 2-3 pip spread vs <1 for ecns

    doesn't offer options:

    GFT forex - doesn't have forex options. possibly later in 2010.
    Oanda - box options only.
    Alpari - no forex options. not an ECN
    GMarkets- offer binary options. none of the demo links work.
    dbfx - no options
    fxcm - no, spot only
    interbank fx - no, spot only.
    mb trading - no, spot only

    Any advice?


  2. Does IB offer options on forex ? what spreads ?
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  4. check out GCI
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    I would like to pick up this thread, because I am also interested in a similar trading platform. I want to find out after these years, did you find a suitable platform meeting all your requirements?