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    Worldwide Stock markets and Real estates have given a loss of 50% - 70% in year 2008 and they will fall further.

    Even Gold investment is not profitable because Global financial crisis has forced "worldwide central banks" to invest $4 trillion - $6 trillion into "sinking world economy" and "loss-making giant companies and banks".

    Worldwide central banks are the biggest "gold investors" but now central banks are bankrupt themselves.

    I think gold price will fall to $400 - $500 per ounce anytime now because "Central banks" will sell their "gold reserves" to earn cash/currency.

    So in my opinion, FOREX is the "only profitable investment available" because FOREX means "trading in international currency" and it will stay as long as financial world in running
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    This is not applicable in my case because the "Swiss forex broker" I know has for past 6 years paid average profit of +29% p.a (without compounded) for "managed forex account" with 30 years of experience in forex.

    January 2008 to November 2008 profit is +155% for "new 4 hour system". He trades with Maximum risk of 5% per new trade.

    But minimum investment is $20,000 for "forex managed account" (in my case). Usually managed accounts have high minimum with all reputed forex brokers

    CONCLUSION-: Swiss forex broker = Elite Trader
  3. then sell/short Gold dude...go for it!
  4. that is if you are on the right side of the Forex trade dude...
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    talknet...if you're so dedicated to forex investing right now, then why are you bringing gold into the game?
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    Gold appears in forex trading. There is Gold/USD trading pair.

    Also, all major world events affects FOREX. In fact forex brokers have earned "highest-ever profits" in past 4 months because of "Global situation".

    But forex brokers who made wrong decisions in past 4 months their loss is "highest-ever"
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    Forex managed account = Investment. Because investor deposits money with forex broker and he trades "investor's money" for profit and pays profit back to the investor.

    Consider banks where people deposit money and banks trades "people's money" by giving loans to "sinking and inefficient multi-billion dollars giant companies". In the end "world economy" suffers loss of $5 trillion - $10 trillion (final amount unimaginable) because of these "worthless giant companies and banks" without any "business brains".

    Then "worldwide central banks" invests $4 trillion - $6 trillion into "sinking world economy" and then "central banks" also become bankrupt.

    USA alone lost 5,33,000 jobs in November 2008, the highest monthly job loss since 1974. Think of "worldwide job-loss"

    Consumer spending has fallen to its maximum and less money is going to banks & less money is circulating in "world economy" because now world is poor.

    Also what about the $10 trillion+ (not sure of correct amount) loss because of "Mortgage & Bank crisis".
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    Here are 4 reasons why I think Gold price will crash-:

    1) "Worldwide central banks" who have invested Trillions of dollars in Gold, they will sell "Gold reserves" to earn cash/currency.

    2) India is the biggest consumer of Gold in this world. There will a full-scale war between India and Pakistan within 2 months. Both of them have Nuclear weapons.

    3) Worldwide people are poor because of "Mortgage, Banks and worthless-Giant companies Crisis".

    4) Al-Qaeda has been silent for past 7 years. There is always a "great silence" before a massive storm (nature's rule). I think there will a massive terror attack on USA and Europe any time now. It will be bigger than 9/11 attacks.
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    Year 2008 profit is +176% from my Swiss Forex Broker/Manager for "Managed Forex Account"
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